Weight indicator i40 Ex 2-21 IECex – for industrial processes in explosible atmosphere

The i40 Ex 2-21 IECex weight indicator has been specially designed for process weighing i.e. it easily integrates to any industrial process involving weight measurement. Compliant with the 94/9/EC directive, it can be directly installed in the explosible atmosphere for dust (zone 22) or gas related (zone 2) risks. Numerous connection possibilities offer a direct connection of the i40 Ex 2-22 indicator to most PLCs and industrial PCs on the market.

ATEX  certification

• Compliance with the requirements of the 94/9/EC directive related to protection devices and systems designed for use in explosible atmospheres.
• Marking according to EN 60079-0:2012.
– II3G Ex nA IIC T4/T6* Gc
– II3D Ex tc IIIC T85°C Dc


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