Precia molen Weighing products for hazardous areas i35 Ex 2-22 - Weighbridge indicator for explosible atmosphere

i35 Ex 2-22 – Weighbridge indicator for explosible atmosphere

Designed to weigh product inputs and outputs on weighbridges, the i35 Ex 2-22 indicator with its user-friendly and efficient software can meet any entirely autonomous weighing need.

Compliant with the 94/9/EC directive, it can be installed in hazardous area for dust (zone 22) and/or gas (zone 2) related risks. Equipped with a ticket printer (sold separately, has to be installed in healthy area), it can also communicate through multiple connections with current industrial PCs and weight remote displays, in compliance with legal for trade use requirements.

Economical and innovative, it locally monitors two weighbridge input/output traffic lights. Furthermore, it is equipped with a cunning weigh blocking system that prevents using the weighbridge outside working hours.
Thanks to its power range, it can supply up to 18 analogue or digital PRECIA MOLEN load cells, thus enabling to manage high-length weighbridges.


ATEX certification

• Compliance with the requirements of the 94/9/EC directive related to the protection devices and systems designed for use in explosible atmospheres.
• Marking according to EN 60079-0:2012:

  • II3G Ex nA IIC T4/T6* Gc
  • II3D Ex tc IIIC T85°C Dc

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