Precia molenDynamic Weighing

Dynamic Weighing

Weight grading provide a 100% flow automatically conveyed products. They allow an analysis of production batches homogeneous (Checkweighing) the data collected are then used for statistical analysis of production processes, for regulatory control of prepackaged products (e), orbondage devices manufacturing or packaging.

The acquisition of the dynamic weight (catchweighing “) is their second field of application to the determination of a transportation tarif, sizing …

The weight sorter CKW may, by a simple configuration to adapt to these different modes of operation, in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements (EC type certificate No. LNE – 11864 rev. 1, 07/08/2008) . A wide range of standard sizes and expanded opportunities for communication (serial link, fieldbus, ethernet …) make it a tool of choice for new projects. The ability to measure achievements simplifies integration into existing lines.

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