Precia molen Gravimetric feeder Mini weigh belt feeder MD

Mini weigh belt feeder MD

The MD mini weigh belt feeder performs bulk product continuous dosing operations.

This dosing infrastructure ensures simultaneously the extraction and the weighing of all gravity rolling products. The MD has been especially designed for use in agro-industry, food industry and chemistry activity sectors.



The MD mini weigh belt feeder is used within a continuous dosing process with a fixed or variable set point of dry granular product, that flows easily such as cereals, pellets, powders, rare earth, sand, various types of additives, etc. It can be combined with other belt feeders to create formulations. In this case, the mini weigh belt feeder will be controlled by a direct set point or in proportion with a general speed.


The MD mini weigh belt feeder comes in two models

The flow range covered by the MD is 1 to 50m3/h.

+/-0.25 to 1% accuracy depending on the application and the behaviour of the product to be dosed.

The other products in the range

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