Loss in Weigh structure LIW

The LIW – Loss in weigh structure is a frame on which are mounted 3 strain gauge load cells. A receiving hopper rests on the load cells whose outlet is fitted with a dosing extractor comprising a flat based mechanical agitator with either a dosing coil (of ECS type) or dosing screw (ECV type), and a variable speed geared motor.

  • In painted steel or ALL STAINLESS STEEL

Mounted under hoppers, silos, with an outlet butterfly valve, this structure is suitable for extracting, dosing BULK granular or powdery products. Throughput: from 10 dm3/h to 10 m3/h as per model Achievable accuracy: ± 0.25 to 1 %

Option :

  • Butterfly valve

Easy cleaning and maintenance.

The other products in the range

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