I410 WBF power and regulation box for continuous dosing application

The I 410 WBF command control and automatic power and regulation box allows monitoring a weigh belt feeder of any type: belt, screw or loss in weight. It can be adapted to a dual-channel version.
The front terminal is fitted with the I 410 WBF software that performs all product continuous and precise flow regulation functions.

Its main functions are:

• Weighing,
• Load preselection,
• Flow regulation,
• Printing on paper or virtual printer,
• Serial and/or field bus communication,
• Back-up on read-only memory (USB stick).

This box can be installed locally or up to 70 m from a feeder in any difficult environment, whether indoors or outdoors. For a great distance, the filtering box option will have to be included.

All the electrical parts of the IP66 housing are efficiently protected for use in any difficult activity sector such as:
• Mineral industry
• Chemical industry
• Extractive industry

The other products in the range

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