Ready to weigh

At PRECIA MOLEN, we are committed to simplifying your work! Choose your complete weighing instrument according to your needs and your work environment, plug it in, it’s ready to weigh!

Combine the platform that matches your capacity needs to the indicator that will meet your application needs.

C20 platform scalesRange

Your needs: simple weighing, counting, percentage, checkweighing, calculation – from 3kg to 3000kg.

The C20 industrial scale range has been designed to meet industrial environment basic requirements. Its modular presentation enables it to be located easily.

All functions of the i20 indicator are available and the user will appreciate the ergonomics of simple or elaborate applications. See more about the i20.

C25 platform scalesRange

Your needs: counting, summing, checkweighing, dosing, checkweighing in formuation, animal weighing, “hold” function, products memory, tares memory. From 3kg to 3000kg.

Find all the features of your i25 indicator in complete “ready to weigh” weighing instruments! See more about the i25 touch.

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