Precia molen Controller and software I410 GFS - gravimetric filling scale controller

I410 GFS – gravimetric filling scale controller

The I 410 GFS software is the measuring and slaving device developed by PRECIA MOLEN for controlling the single or dual weigh hopper gravimetric filling scale.
Our electronic system equipped with I 410 GFS software can replace any type of existing built-in indicator in the semi-automatic or automatic bagging lines.
In fact, this software allows measuring the weight and controlling one to two net or gross weighers-weighing bagging scales.
It is intended for packaging granular or dry flowable products in these types of packages:
– Open-mouth bags,
– Valve bags,
– Can or barrel type rigid containers.

Dosing cycle function:
• Controlling three filling speeds,
• Managing the cycles of filling setting, reset and normal cycle,
• Controlling the weighing discharge with configurable triggering empty threshold,
• Automatic afterflow correction rate,
• Automatic or remote dose correction,
• In particular, this function allows connecting the I 400 GFS to a CKW type checkweigher installed in the bagging line.
• Controlling the synchronisation for dual weigher line,
• Managing the alarms,
• Checking leak,
• Managing n pre-programmed formulas,
• Managing the tolerances,
• Controlling the bag inflating device,
• Managing removal with or without bag clamp.

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